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HSC-2815 concrete spray shotcrete system

Unity machine parameter : 7800x2530x3280

Arm and Leg parameter : main arm rotate+ telescope (stretch out + draw back ); spray arm rotate + telescope (stretch out + draw back )

Pump parameter : 28 m3/h

Chassis parameter : 4100mm

Auxiliary system paramete : 100m

Auxiliary system parameter : 75KW


The series wet shotcrete system equipment are high-end equipment with top design and manufacture.They have multi-function and can be applied widely. The type shotcrete equipment are suitable for bigger fracture surface, project which need big output, and tunnel construction which need high efficiency shotcrete.


1. Closed circuit hydraulic system running system, powerful chassis, wet mix braking system.
2. Four-wheel transmission, four-wheel steering, small turning radius, thus make a better operation.
3. Open-type cab, widely views, driver’s seat with 180 º rotation design, thus make the operation flexible and can drive two-way.
4. Reasonable loading design makes the equipment with bigger anti-overturning moment.
5. Full hydraulic telescope and rotate robot arm make the machine with high carrying capability, steady movement, flexible operation, no construction dead zone.
6. Electric motor and diesel two-motor drive.
7. Convey cylinder with long stroke and big cylinder diameter can reduce the abrasion of resistant ring and plate and improve the stability of concrete spraying.
8. Hydraulic drive hopper vibrator, air cooler, cable reel, accelerator pump and water pump can proof electric leakage and pollution.
9. The ratio of accelerator and concrete is in fixed and can be monitored and adjusted by touch screen and remote control.

HSC-2815 concrete spray shotcrete system is suitable for smaller tunnel section and smaller shotcrete amount.

Product parameters

Item unit HSC2815A HSC2815B HSC2815C
Unity machine parameter L×W×H mm 7800x2530x3280
Unity machine parameter Weight kg 14500 14000 12800
Arm and Leg parameter Arm structure main arm rotate+ telescope (stretch out + draw back ); spray arm rotate + telescope (stretch out + draw back ) main arm rotate + telescope (stretch out + draw back ); spray arm fold + telescope (stretch out + draw back )
Arm and Leg parameter Max. Spray height m 15( normal spraying height 7-10m)
Arm and Leg parameter Max. Spray width m 2×13 2×13 2×13
Arm and Leg parameter Max. Spray depth m 8 8 8
Arm and Leg parameter big arm pitching angle degree -30º~+60º -30º~+75º -30º~+75º
Arm and Leg parameter small arm pitching angle degree +60º~-30ºº 70º 70º
Arm and Leg parameter nozzle rotary angle degree 360º 360º 360º
Arm and Leg parameter nozzle swing angle degree 240º 240º 240º
Arm and Leg parameter drive moder Electric motor driven for normal work, diesel engine driven for emergency discharging and cleaning stretch out and draw back arm;
Arm and Leg parameter electric motor rated power kW 59 59 59
Arm and Leg parameter electric motor working voltage V/Hz 380/50, 3 phase
Arm and Leg parameter diesel engine rated power Kw 92 92 92
Pump parameter rated output m3/h 28 28 28
Pump parameter rated reversing time /min 23 23 23
Pump parameter system pressure Bar 230 230 230
Pump parameter outlet pressure Bar 70 70 70
Pump parameter convey cylinder inner diametere mm Φ160 Φ160 Φ160
Pump parameter convey cylinder stroke mm 1000 1000 1000
Pump parameter nozzle diameter mm Φ40 Φ40 Φ40
Chassis parameter wheel base mm 4100 4100 4100
Chassis parameter front and rear axle drive mode 4×4 4×4 4×4
Chassis parameter hydraulic oil tank volume L 550 550 550
Chassis parameter fuel tank capacity L 190 190 190
Chassis parameter max. running speed Km/h 22 22 22
Chassis parameter max. gradeability % 40 40 40
Chassis parameter min. ground clearance mm 450 450 450
Chassis parameter min. turning radius m 5.0 5.0 5.0
Chassis parameter braking distance m ≤10 ≤10 ≤10
Auxiliary system parameter Chassis parameter m 100 100 100
Auxiliary system parameter air compressor power kW 75 75
Auxiliary system parameter air compressor output m3/min 15 15
Auxiliary system parameter air compressor working pressure Mpa 5 5
Auxiliary system parameter additive output L/h 800 800 800
Auxiliary system parameter additive system pressure Bar 10 10 10
Auxiliary system parameter coagulant tank capacity L 1000 1000 1000

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