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Operation notes of Shotcrete machine

When fractional spraying, spraying should be conducted after the previous material condensates; if respraying an hour later, you should clean the surface of the spray layer first. If there are crack dips, they should be filled, and then begin the normal injection.
It is forbidden to aim at people the nozzle.
In the process of injection, you should immediately shut down the water gate and place the nozzle down if there is a breakdown like a blocking pipe and power failure, in order to avoid water flowing into the feeding tube; When handling blocking pipe, striking method can be used to unclog the feed tube.
Operation notes of Shotcrete machine
Operators should wear dust masks, latex gloves, and glasses. Dust concentration must be less than 6 mg/m3.
After injection, the spray layer should be watered once a day, and continuous for 28 days.
The operators of gunning machine must receive special training and be familiar with the structure and working principle of the gunite machine; they can eliminate the general breakdown and conduct ordinary maintenance.
The inlet of concrete spraying machine needs to be sealed well to prevent air leakage and blowing dust; the Vent opens, and emissions smoothly; the joint of the spray pipe is firm and well seal.
Operation notes of Shotcrete machine
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